Using A Lease Option To Sell Your House in Palm Beach

Thinking about selling your Palm Beach house? Consider a lease option to get the price you want! Learn more in our latest post! Lease options can be a better selling strategy than most people realize. It will help you get the best price overall while providing you with extra income until the house has officially … Continued

Aspects of The Rent To Own Contract and what you should know

  Aspects of the Contract There are 4 fundamental elements to the rent to own arrangement: the choice consideration, the agreed in the advance purchase price, the lease and the upkeep charges.   The option money is an excellent faith deposit when acquiring a house generally other than it isn’t refundable in a rent to … Continued

4 Parts of Rent To Own

 Elements of the Rent To Own Contract There are 4 basic aspects to the rent to own agreement in Boca Raton Florida: the option consideration, the agreed upfront purchase price, the lease and the maintenance charges.   The option money is a good faith deposit when purchasing a house generally except it isn’t refundable in … Continued

How to Improve Tenant Retention in Palm Beach

  Anyone can become a property manager. But not everyone knows how to discover and keep quality renters. To help you to increase your general ROI, we have assembled some concepts to enhance renter retention! In the simplest terms, the more turnovers you have, the more days your home will be vacant. The more days … Continued

The Eviction Process – Do’s and Don’ts in Palm Beach

As a landlord, you will inevitably have to deal with the eviction process. It’s never fun, for you or the tenant. But there are ways to prepare, so you can make things go as smoothly as possible. Here are some do’s and don’ts to help you navigate the process. What You Should Do: Try to … Continued

Should You Hire A Property Management Company in Palm Beach ?

  Some people go into multi-family investments thinking it will be a breeze. After handling collections, upkeep, complaints, and repairs they will quickly realize, being a proprietor is a great deal of work! At what point should you employ a residential or commercial property management company? It is a decision lots of landlords deal with. … Continued

Handling Rental Deposits in Palm Beach – Deductions and Returns

Owning a rental property is an excellent method to make additional income. However, you’ll need to follow the book to avoid conflicts and keep the peace. As a landlord, you will need to gather and manage the advance payments of last month and security deposits for your tenants. Make sure you and the renter are … Continued

Rent To Own Houses In Jupiter – How Does It Work?

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How you can find free rent to own home listings in Lake Worth Fl

Trying to find a house here in Lake Worth Fl You can find resources on local rent to own homes in Lake Worth Florida listed below! It’s not unusual to see online ads that offer people with challenged credit an opportunity to own a house with merely a small down payment upfront and then “make … Continued

Pros and Cons of Rent to Own Housing In Greenacres

Home Ownership Trends Are Shifting… Keep Reading To Find Out How They Might Make Owning A Home In Greenacres Fl Even Easier…   Credit-score-based home loans … they were the primary method of purchasing a home. However, these standard techniques of buying a house are ending up being less typical than in years previous. The American … Continued